Arete Scholars for DAJA

Did you know that the state of Georgia allows you to redirect a portion of your Georgia income tax dollars to Decatur Adventist Junior Academy as scholarships. You are already required to pay this money to the state. So, why not tell the state to send some of it to your school of choice?

Every year, millions of taxpayers search for credits and deductions that can help them save money. Tax credits provide a dollar-for dollar reduction of your income tax liability. This is literally a benefit and an incentive to you to serve the needs of others in your community. There's no downside to doing this. It's a win-win situation for you and the students.

Follow the steps below to begin the approval process! Submit before December 30th!

Here's How:

• Go to
• Choose "Georgia Income Tax Redirection Form"
• Choose Georgia
• Complete the GA Tax Credit Online Application with your information
VERY IMPORTANT STEP: In the special instructions box type "Decatur
Adventist Junior Academy"
• Click Submit


• Single - $1,000
• Married filing jointly - $2,500
• S-corporation - $10,000
• C-corporation - 75% of GA income tax liability


• Complete GA Tax Credit Application by December 30th
• Receive notice of approval amount in Jan/Feb
• Within 30-60 days of notice, write check to Arete
• Mar-Jun 2018, Arete awards scholarships for students to attend DAJA
• File 2018 GA tax return in 2019 with Arete donation form and receive 100%
tax credit

For more information:

Arete Scholar's website
• Call Arete Scholars (877)-246-4095
• Contact Elder Jeff Taylor at or 770-593-1500