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GA Tax Credit - Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Turn your Tax $ Into DAJA Scholarships!

Make a difference in the life of a child, today! You can redirect a portion of your (personal or business) Georgia income tax dollars directly to Decatur Adventist Junior Academy (DAJA) and receive dollar-for-dollar tax credit!

Here's How:

   • Go to
   • Choose "Georgia Income Tax Redirection Form"
   • Choose Georgia
   • Complete the GA Tax Credit Online Application with your information 
   • IMPORTANT STEP: In the special instructions box type "Decatur Adventist Junior Academy"
   • Click Submit


   • Single - $1,000
   • Married filing jointly - $2,500
   • S-corporation - $10,000
   • C-corporation - 75% of GA income tax liability


   • Complete GA Tax Credit Application by December 19th
   • Receive notice of approval amount in Jan/Feb
   • Within 30-60 days of notice, write check to Arete
   • Mar-Jun 2017, Arete awards scholarships for students to attend DAJA
   • File 2017 tax GA return with Arete donation form and receive 100% tax credit

For more information:

   • Arete Scholar's website
   • Call Arete Scholars (877)-246-4095
   • Contact Elder Jeff Taylor